Aztec Delivery System Inc.   

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Aztec Delivery System is  proud to be part of Americas work force. We are a owner operator incorporation.We provide exceptional services to customers across all of California  in its transportation needs whether its Dry Van or Flatbed division. We know what it takes to be a risk taker while providing a safe, reliable, expedited load to its destination. If in range, we can also provide a (motor unit) helping hand to accomplish a delivery for your customer in case of a truck break down. We have drivers located from the Bay to LA and we are continuously growing.  We specialize in full truck loads, transfer loads, wide loads, and LTL's anywhere in California with some exceptions for some outside regions. We offer free freight quotes for your transportation needs as well. Here at Aztec Delivery System Inc. we  have the best of both worlds, we are directly setup with companies for drivers who are looking for work and directly setup with owner operators for  companies that are looking to haul. There is a contract along with other documents needed before service is provided please feel free to contact us for more information. Our contact information is listed below. We also provide custom made clothes for men and women along with some accessories in a variety of colors. Please feel free to browse around our store website for new and upcoming clothing and accessories.

Contact Information:


Jess Ruiz at (209) 518-7591 

Edith Alvarado  at  (209) 513-1313


Hours of Operation 

For after Hours (Emergency)
Call Jess Ruiz  at (209) 518-7591